Why Does Your Essay Matter

When you finally have a conclusion paragraph and a lot of people will say that the conclusion simply restates the thesis that’s not exactly true if all you do is just restate your thesis statement what was the point of writing the essay to begin with if all you’re gonna do is is acknowledge the very first paragraph you wrote and the last paragraph you wrote you want to do something that acknowledges all the information that you provided there needs to be a reason that you’ve written all this information someone why would someone want to read it why don’t someone need this information what makes it valuable so the conclusion paragraph it should reiterate your thesis statement but it has to go beyond just a simple restating of it and you want to try to answer the following questions so what in other words why does your essay matter who cares you know. Read more on importance of an essay at Edusson.

If you’re if you’re thinking about your audience if your papers audience driven then you need to figure out a way to bring your audience in let the audience know what it’s supposed to do what is the audience role now that they’ve read this essay well and why should they care you know and then that’s kind of figured out through the course of writing that and explain to them what they’re supposed to do or how they’re supposed to take the information that you’ve provided when we look at introductions sometimes a lot of people have difficulty beginning an introduction or beginning an essay and writing an introduction don’t take an essay an approach to an essay by thinking that you have to write from beginning to end a lot of times people don’t have an introduction ready or they don’t have a thesis statement they just have a general idea of what they want to write that’s okay you can always start writing your body paragraphs.

First there’s no there’s no law that says you have to write an essay in a certain a certain way when you finish it it has to look a certain way but the writing components can come and come to you in various methods and various ways and you know sometimes I find students who end up writing the entire essay and they get down to the conclude and it turns out that the conclusion has the components that the introduction should have it even includes the thesis statement and often say you know move your conclusion up and make that your introduction and then write a new conclusion so it’s just variable it’s just however you write whatever you’re most comfortable with but when you’re writing an introduction one thing you should avoid you never want to be too generalized we always tell students you know when you write introductions you want to start broad and then move down to a more specific format for your thesis statement that’s a standard way of writing the introduction.