The Most Interesting About Book Darwin’s Radio Part 3

The Most Interesting About Book Darwin’s Radio Part 3

Fortunately, the story is otherwise extremely well-written and entertaining. The storyline flows very smoothly for the most part and even with the slowdowns for the terms, it was very difficult to put the book down for just about any reason.

After finishing the novel, you feel satisfied that the story is complete, and leaves you wanting to go out and try to find a sequel to follow what happens later.

This book is a great read and well worth your time. It is nice to finish a book, even with issues, and only distinctly remember the positive points of the novel, and not the negative issue. That’s the mark of an author’s attention to believability and story development. By all means, pick this up if you get the chance.


The storyline is plausible and believable. The author has included significant scientific background and foundations for the events and developments that occur within his novel.

The author puts one of the main characters into the shoes of one of the Neanderthal males and allows us to ‘see’ what he sees using descriptive visuals and presents us with the trials and tribulations of that past life.

The author has chosen to use highly detailed descriptions of the events, characters and places that are presented. This attention to the background imagery is clearly the reason that this story is so believable.

The author includes historical and scientific backgrounds of archeological sites, and how they are treated by local customs. This seemingly minute detail has the effect of subtly giving the air of credibility to the complete novel since those passages are easy to understand and use terms that nearly every reader is familiar with.


It is always a good thing to support technology or scientific advancements or theories with background and supporting details. However, this novel includes extremely detailed and exhaustive background information, sometimes pages long that deter from the easy reading that many typical science fiction readers look for. There is a definite section of readership that would not be able to appreciate the depth of the science involved.

The storyline itself moves along at a fairly modest pace, but the highly technical descriptions that occur on a regular basis bring the reading to a stumbling point and in several cases require the reader to go over the material a second or third time to be able to grasp or at least get an idea of what the author is trying to convey.