How To Make An Essay Introduction

What you do in the introduction you make clear that it’s this particular aspect of the literature that I’m addressing because in principle you make clear that all these different words would require you to do a very broad and unmanageable essay you know don’t insult the teacher please because you’ll be failed immediately if you insult us for asking these terrible questions but what you have to do is find a way of using the literature to focus your answer and then give that depth let’s just do a couple more okay can spectacular growth performance of China be attributed to economic liberalisation same point same point and that is very specific because there’s a whole group of people following will Bank literature that is explicitly talking only about trade liberalisation because there’s no financial liberalisation in China.

We know that it’s just trade liberalize and once you can actually find that literature which keeps on focusing on that game over okay you see you’re letting the literature tell you what is meant by those concepts and that’s a very important principle because sometimes these concepts people feel they have to define all these words don’t do that because the minute you start defining words I’m going to ask you why are you defining it like that because it’s so ambiguous get the literature to interpret those words okay and then you’re just addressing the literature you know this is not you committing yourself always remember don’t commit yourself don’t say I’m going to do these studies i’m going to define these words i’m going to provide you with a whole theoretical framework here is a terrible one assess competing explanations already where vast for continuing problems what problem my god you know i mean that can be everything under the planet okay who asked such a dumb question.

I did ask it deliberately I wanted people to actually try and do an outline to it okay it’s a non assessable outline but people tried without any statement before so we had the seminar and people had written things you know incredible things I mean they were going to cover everything under the planet okay all in this 2,500 words and I then went through and ask them really you can do all of this in 2,500 words okay what they should have done was said to me this is not manageable so I focus okay so even then this is more difficult this is more difficult because you know how do you really focus because actually you know you can pick up almost any arguments and address them okay so that’s where it’s a problem okay let me quickly get on to the substantive part and here one of the great difficulties of students is to get to the point to spend most of your energy on the key issues addressing the question so what I have is always always this is a standard thing that makes you know like when you rub your nails on a blackboard you know.