How To Make A Strong Point

Community and academics are both very broad topics that I could delve deeper into to talk about factors that have influenced me personally so in terms of community my community is a general factor that has been influential but particularly the fact that it has a large immigrant population in general is something that has been a significant part of my life again this is still very general and many students may write about their diverse communities being an influential factor in their lives so how can I get more specific about how I was able to grow from this factor and how my community shaped me so I’m going to launch a poll with three different examples and unique points that I might include as the writer and I want everyone to let me know which of these three assuming that they are all true would be a good and specific unique point to ensure that I am illustrating my story and standing out from the crowd so let me launch the poll right now so go ahead and select your answer okay we see answers coming in thank you we’ll wait a few more seconds as you make your final selections all right I’m gonna close the poll and share their responses so most of you actually suggested or selected the first answer of.Find more articles on points in essays at

I learned the importance of diversity but actually we want to let me get the PowerPoint back up we actually want to encourage you that the second option of I learned there are many Korean supermarkets in the area this is the correct answer in that it is more specific and it is more unique and this is the example of how I want to show that the factor of the large immigrant population actually shaped me so take a look at that again take a step back and see how I have been able to narrow down from community to large immigrant population to these specific examples so although the first answer the one that most of you chose the importance of diversity and number three the learning a lot about different cultures are both very useful and very valid points to make they are not detailed enough to make my essay stand out many students who are living in diverse communities can say that they’ve learned a lot about the importance of diversity or that they’ve learned a lot about different cultures .

But only number to the point about the neighborhood being filled with Korean supermarkets really specifies what this means for me and particularly it illustrates my unique experience since it includes specific details of how I’ve grown from my surroundings and in this case we can assume that my community even though it has a large immigrant population has a very large Korean immigrant population so looking at our example now we can see not only is my neighborhood filled with Korean supermarkets and pop-up stores I also really like to cook for Korean festivities so this is a point that I’ve been able to build off and this means that my overall unique point is that I have gained an appreciation for Korean cuisine and this is specific and unique to me.