All You Need to Know About Inferno – Star Wars Part 2

All You Need to Know About Inferno – Star Wars Part 2

In doing so, he has crossed a line and the Jedi are unsure that they can stand beside their pledge to protect the Alliance.

Han and Leia arrive to attend Mara’s funeral and are intercepted by guards of the Alliance and have to fight their way out of their grasp. The attempt is ordered by none other than Jacen, who needs to keep his parents away from Luke so that his Uncle’s depression remains intact, rendering the Jedi Council’s opposition to his tyrannical actions inconsequential.

During a large battle between the Alliance forces and the Rebel Confederation, the Jedi find themselves unable to follow the orders of Jacen anymore since he is not acting rationally in their opinion. When Jacen orders his fleet to attack the Wookie home world destroying its most precious resource, the galaxy shakes its head in dismay. When that ruthless attack is combined with the capture and threats of death to the young Jedi Padawans at a backwater Jedi Academy, the die is cast for a major confrontation between Luke and Jacen; uncle and nephew.

Whoever wins the battle will ultimately decide the fate of the galaxy. But will Luke be able to get himself pulled together and out of his depression to be able to handle this new threat effectively? Even Han and Leia are unsure…. The clock is ticking.


The premise for this novel, when reading the jacket and the initial prologue, seem like the novel will take the reader into a new area of the lives of the Star Wars heroes. However, somewhere along the way the author seems to have lost sight of some of the major audience that Star Wars appeals to – those who may not be able to afford all of the books in a series and must choose based on what they read in the jacket or the summaries.

When you add that to a storyline that relies on the reader having a fairly extensive knowledge of previous events and characters, it leaves the reader unable to completely enjoy the escape generally provided by these types of ‘adventure’ novels.

The action sequences flow along nicely allowing the interest to peak and give the novel the ability to hold the reader’s attention, not knowing who some of the characters are notwithstanding.

Aside from the character development issues, there is the relative lack of visual stimulation from the surroundings of the characters or the planets involved. Again, it is assumed that we, the readers, are familiar with the planets of Star Wars; the Wookie home planet in particular. Two major events take place there, but there didn’t seem to be the same urgency that the author is trying to build when the planet became directly involved in a major conflict.

Overall, the novel is an ‘okay’ read and has great potential for readers that are familiar with Star Wars and this sub-series specifically. I’ve mixed my opinions with those of other staff members on this title because it ‘felt’ so tilted towards the negative.